FIREWORKS – Sean Cassidy Skincare

Sean Cassidy Skincare – FIREWORKS Hi Guys!!!   Nothing really informative in this post.   However, there are fireworks.   What I like about fireworks is it forces people to concentrate in the now. Focus is thrusted upon colorful explosions. People from young to old just stare with fascination. It’s a beautiful thing.     […]

Travel and Work – Sean Cassidy Skincare

Travel and Work – Sean Cassidy Skincare What’s up guys! I am currently making some pit stops Travel and Work. I’ve been enjoying the beautiful weather in Hawaii, it’s very relaxing. However, I am still getting work done. There are a lot of things that are happening from working on new products to working on […]

Meeting with My Chemists

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The Revitalizing Moisturizer

What’s up guys! I want to thank everyone who dealt with my crazy self during the testing and creation of this product. I am very proud of everyone involved. Thank you to all the loyal customers who have been so patient! – Sean