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Ready to Attack the Day:


The Sean Cassidy Revitalizing System is a skincare regimen designed for those who desire greatness. The main focus in the design of this system is at the cellular level targeting pore size, elasticity, wrinkle elimination, and skin nutrition. With years of experience in the industry, Sean Cassidy went “all in” in the research and development of his newest line.

Step 1:

The first action that needs to be taken in the revitalizing process is the cleaning of dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. Many people do not know that all those components can actually weigh the face down. However, The Revitalizing Cleanser’s main objective is not only to clean the skin, but to prep the skin by softening, and also add nutrition with multiple anti-oxidants and others highly-effective vitamins. Just using this cleanser by itself will have a skin brightening and anti-aging effect.


Step 2:

The second step in the The Revitalizing System is our Revitalizing Toner. This is when we start getting from “good” to “great”. Using a toner is overlooked by many and/or not known by many. A toner helps balance out PH Levels. If your skin starts to get dry it will start to produce oil. This is why it is so important to use a toner after your cleanser to avoid over-production of face oil. The toner will balance your PH Levels, decrease pore-size, and also infuse your skin with nutrients. The effects of The Revitalizing Toner are profound. It has a skin softening, skin brightening, wrinkle-reducing, pore minimizing, skin tightening effect.


Step 3:

The 3rd and final step in the Sean Cassidy Revitalizing System is the moisturizer. This moisturizer compliments the other two steps perfectly by enriching the skin with an avalanche of moisture. It’s designed to be an everyday moisturizer used in the morning and at night. It’s full of nutrients and anti-oxidants that help with elasticity at a cellular level. The focus is not just what is in the product but also the absorption of the moisturizer. It absorbs perfectly and ensures that any person will be able to attack the day as the boats burn behind them.