Launching in 2012, Sean Cassidy Skincare has focused on providing skincare products that achieve greatness. Created by the man himself, Sean Cassidy’s focus has been to create premium products for the man who desires the best. Every aspect of his products have been rigorously reviewed and obsessed upon by him and his team. “Every man should aspire to be something great, and I want to help”, he says. No stone is left unturned when choosing ingredients and designing products. With the successful launch of the Sean Cassidy Skincare 3-Step System, feedback was great. In today’s age, understanding the modern man is crucial to success, and with a true relationship with the customers, Sean Cassidy has learned and prevailed by listening.
When traveling abroad modeling, Sean discovered some of the main ingredients that have been used in his skincare line. “I love traveling and will travel the world to ensure my products can be as great as they can be”, he says. With this obsession to excellence, SC Skincare has received great praise from high-end boutique retailers throughout the world.
With the launch of his newest product, “The Revitalizing System”, Sean is extremely excited for the future. With years of development, this system excels in what we know about the modern man and what he desires. Sean Cassidy Skincare is constantly developing and has one goal, to be the #1 skincare line for men throughout the world. We are excited for what lies ahead.